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Enabling teams to work better together

Pitch your ideas with persuasive power!

Presenting with Purpose & Passion is a hands-on workshop (yes, you will be speaking in front of the class) that teaches you how to express your ideas effectively – to encourage your audience to understand your views, trust your judgement, adopt new mindsets, change behaviours, and believe that you are confident, competent and credible.

While the workshop can be customised for a one-day or two-day event, the core program always includes practical tips for persuasive pitching, presenting and general public speaking. This includes preparing a slide deck from scratch as well as strategies to ‘stand and deliver’ it confidently.

Topics and techniques that are usually covered:


  • Planning to impress
  • Understanding the audience
  • Pinpointing the purpose
  • Introductions with impact
  • Engaging endings
  • Storytelling and other structures
  • Making your message memorable (for all the right reasons)
  • Slick slides
  • The power of props


  • Interacting with the audience
  • Speaking with slides
  • Presenting online
  • Taming technology
  • Nuking the nerves
  • Tuning the instruments (voice, breath, mouth, etc.)
  • Bold and brave confidence boosters
  • Curly questions and handling hecklers
  • Tag team tips


  • Engaging your audience from opening to ovation
  • Principles and practices of persuasion and influence
  • Imparting the passion
  • Communicating your credibility
  • Selling the sizzle and the sausage
  • Stimulating the senses

To book Presenting with Purpose & Passion training for your team, call 0439 53 43 55 or send an email request to 

“I had the good fortune to engage Leanne to provide two days training to a group of community workers specialising in the youth homelessness sector. Leanne took the time to research the services involved and was able to gain a good sense of her target audience.

The group was well engaged in a series of informative, practical and challenging tasks throughout the two days and came away with a variety of outcomes, most notably a better understanding of how they could work together as a team and with more confidence in being able to represent their organisations.”

Nicola Hensler, Community Services Management Consultant, Counsellor & Psychotherapist, Coastal Counselling

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