Getting teams to work better together

How well does your team get along?

Do you all know what boosts or bugs each other?

A True Colors workshop – empathy training for teams and their leaders – will help your teams work better together for greater performance, productivity … and your peace of mind.

True Colors is a model for understanding yourself and others based on your personality temperament.

It helps you work out how you’re wired and why sometimes that can be confusing for the people working with you, especially when you’re starting a new project together.

Orange, Gold, Green and Blue are used to differentiate four central personality styles. Each of us has a combination of these ‘true colours’ that make up our personality spectrum, usually with one colour being the most dominant.

Identifying your personality and the personalities of others using True Colors reveals insights into different motivations, actions, and communication styles.

“It was a great way to understand my own approach to tasks but also how to better understand my interactions with others and achieve the best result by adjusting the way I interact with others.” – Team Leader, insurance industry

Who needs True Colors training?

True Colors is ideal for organisations that want to:

  • Improve team communication
  • Encourage empathy
  • Boost team morale
  • Reduce mental and emotional stress
  • Offer research-based learning that’s also fun

and those with the challenges of:

  • Newly formed teams
  • New members joining existing teams
  • New team leaders
  • Performance decline
  • Communication and ‘people’ problems

For team members, this means understanding better how our colleagues contribute to common goals, and allowing them to get to know how we work best too.

For team leaders, True Colors enables you to recognise what motivates each person so you can support their strengths and help them succeed.

For project teams, True Colors helps to identify who’s best to take on which tasks at what point to keep everything and everyone on track.

True Colors works because it’s based on proven principles* and it’s easy to remember and use in all kinds of circumstances – from personal relationships to professional success.

Although based on the same renowned research as MBTI and DISC, True Colors workshops are known for being more interactive, practical, meaningful and fun!

Plus, the colours offer an easier-to-remember common language for your teams.

Global companies like KRAFT, Disney, Ford Motor Company, Kawasaki Motor Manufacturing, Boeing, McDonalds, and GE Insurance engage True Colors to strengthen and support their staff.

*  The Assessment Standards Institute, which facilitates the development and application of the American Psychological Association (APA) standards for educational and psychological testing, has certified True Colors as exceeding generally accepted standards of Data Reliability, Construct Validity and Disparate Impact.

Interactive, practical, meaningful and fun!

Based on the same renowned research as MBTI & DiSC.

Half-day and full-day options.
In-person or on-line.

Suitable for teams and team leaders.

To book or learn more about True Colors training in Australia, call 0439 53 43 55 or send an email request to:

Read more about how True Colors personality profiling reveals powerful insights about creativity and innovation.

Here’s how mental health heroes reveal their colours in the workplace.

Watch this YouTube video that explains how True Colors helps people feel valued for their strengths and their differences.

Visit the True Colors International website

Leanne went above and beyond to tailor the True Colours to suit our organisation, particularly due to the challenges posed by COVID-19 and logistical issues. The delivery was professional, friendly, fun, interactive and engaging. 

Project Officer, government department

Our ability to understand how others see us is a powerful tool for self awareness, growth and challenge! Would recommend this course to all size teams looking to build cohesion, trust and performance.

Michele Elliston, Director, ICTS, Office of Industrial Relations

True Colors is a fantastic program. It assists teams in gaining a better understanding about each other’s personalities and work styles. It really makes you stop and reflect on strengths and weaknesses. Moving forward I believe our team will overall be a stronger unit because of this program. Thank you very much to Leanne from Presence Communications for brightening up IIG’s colours.

Alexandra Connors, Corporate Programs Manager, Impact Innovation Group

It was a fun and eye-opening experience that engaged the entire team. As a team, we developed an understanding of the different personality traits and how we can best work with each other to avoid stressors and ensure that all team members feel valued. The information gained has helped us to work better together as a team, leveraging strengths of each of the colours that we have in the team. Great experience that the whole team enjoyed.

Team Leader, government department

As a manager, the True Colors workshop really helped break down the barriers in our team, and allowed people to gain a greater understanding of their colleagues work and communication preferences. It bought the team closer together and will have lasting benefits.

Team Leader, government department

Great team building excercise for creating healthy working relationships.


Previous personality tests offer limited if any insights into different triggers, strengths and non-verbal communication styles of myself and others. This course really opened my eyes to these important personality differences.

David – team leader

Everything You Need To Know About The True Colors Personality Test

Teamwork and team building can be challenging, especially when many rich, varying personalities with different communication and behaviour styles are trying to achieve a common goal. Sometimes, getting a team collaborating and working well together requires taking a step back and looking at the individual personalities that make up the group. Presence Communications is a certified provider of True Colors personality testing, and I can help you understand what motivates each person in your team so they can all work better together.

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