How well does your team get along?

Do you know what boosts or bugs each one of them?

A True Colors workshop will help your team work better together for greater performance, productivity … and your peace of mind.

True Colors is a model for understanding yourself and others based on your personality temperament. Orange, Gold, Green and Blue are used to differentiate four central personality styles. Each of us has a combination of these ‘true colours’ that make up our personality spectrum, usually with one colour being the most dominant.

Identifying your personality and the personalities of others using True Colors reveals insights into different motivations, actions, and communication styles.

True Colors works because it’s based on proven principles and it’s easy to remember and use in all kinds of circumstances – from personal relationships to professional success. Global companies like KRAFT, Disney, Ford Motor Company, Kawasaki Motor Manufacturing, Boeing, McDonalds, and GE Insurance engage True Colors to strengthen and support their staff.

Interactive, practical, meaningful and fun!

Based on the same renowned research as MBTI & DiSC.

Half-day and full-day options.

Suitable for teams and team leaders.

To book or learn more about True Colors training in Australia, call 1300 504 278 or send an email request to:

Visit the True Colors International website

Our ability to understand how others see us is a powerful tool for self awareness, growth and challenge! Would recommend this course to all size teams looking to build cohesion, trust and performance.

Michele Elliston, Director, State Development, Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Planning

True Colors is a fantastic program. It assists teams in gaining a better understanding about each other’s personalities and work styles. It really makes you stop and reflect on strengths and weaknesses. Moving forward I believe our team will overall be a stronger unit because of this program. Thank you very much to Leanne from Presence Communications for brightening up IIG's colours.

Alexandra Connors, Corporate Programs Coordinator, Impact Innovation Group