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Enabling teams to work better together

Who are your mental health heroes?

October is Mental Health Month in Australia.

True Colors helps us to recognise how our workmates express care – and want to receive it – differently.

Discover the #mentalhealthheroes on your team with a True Colors workshop.

True Colors Blues Mental Health Heroes

Sometimes our workmates
make us feel better
without even realising it,
without knowing we needed
that smile or that reminder
to see kindness and beauty
in simple things.



True Colors Gold mental health heroes


Just knowing that
where we work there are
people trained in
mental health first aid
can make us feel
supported and safe.


True Colors Green mental health heroes

In our own ways,
we can support
each other’s mental wellness,
even when we don’t know
who’s needing a boost or why.




Let’s give a shout out
to the work mates who
help clear the fog,
even just for a short while,
the ones who help us
cope and recover.


Need more mental health awareness ideas? Check out Mental Health Australia.  

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