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Enabling teams to work better together

Become the best business communicator you can be.

Effective communication is one of the top five skills employers want.

Have you got an important pitch or presentation coming up?
Are you getting slammed for sloppy writing in reports?
Would you rather be noticed for the right reasons?

Book a one-off coaching session to talk through ways to wow your audience, avoid the red pen rampage, or nuke your networking nerves.

Looking for a structured program of communication credibility and confidence development?

Book a complimentary Communication Coaching Clarity Call to find out if my program is right for you.

Get the promotions and projects you want with one-to-one coaching that includes:

– One-to-one confidential sessions
– Your particular communication challenges
– Clarity and encouragement
– Practical tips you can start using straight away
– Easy access via Zoom, Teams or telephone (anywhere) or in-person (in Ipswich and Greater Brisbane)

Buy a Bundle!

Purchase a bundle of coaching sessions for yourself or your team – ideal for keeping your people productive and engaged when they’re working remotely.

You can use the sessions for yourself or for different individual team members, anytime from the date of purchase until 90 days later.

If you want to know more about this option, email

Invest in the essential skills that matter, whatever industry you’re in.

“Communication coaching in my line of work should be something every company invests in their sales people. In all interactions we have with people, we are communicating. To enhance message, persuade and avoid misunderstanding will be not only great for customers because they gain knowledge and skills effectively but also because it helps with business.”

Lily Feng, Healthcare Sales Representative

Signs You Might Need Executive Coaching

Do you feel as though your career is getting a little stagnant? Do you feel like you’re not really achieving the goals you set out for yourself, but you’re unsure why? You might be the perfect candidate for Presence Communications’ one-to-one executive coaching. Presence Communications’ lead facilitator Leanne Wyvill is an expert in empowering people to enhance their professional communication skills, and her personalised individual communication coaching program has helped clients across a range of industries become better communicators. Here are a few signs that you might want to invest in executive coaching.

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