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Enabling teams to work better together

Presence Communications helps teams work better together with tailored business communication training, individual coaching, and insightful True Colors empathy-building workshops.

Because great ideas have no impact if you can’t communicate them effectively.

How do you express value so that others take the action you want?

Are your team’s ideas and achievements being applauded and rewarded by the people you want to impress?

Presence Communications helps business people communicate with confidence, so you can attract the positive results you want from your writing, presenting and collaborations.

Working with corporate companies, start-ups, research centres, small businesses, government departments, and community organisations, Presence training has helped hundreds of people change how they interact with others because they’ve learnt smarter communication skills  (check out what they say).

These are the values that guide and define Presence Communications:


striving for meaningful, value-rich outcomes


sending, receiving and translating ideas effectively to share meaning


sharing techniques for making good changes happen sooner


providing reliable and expert service


discovering how to make a positive difference

Presence Communications is proud to be associated with

Impact Innovation Group

Professional member of AITD


Dr Lewis Atkinson, Global Partner, Haines Centre for Strategic Management LLC

“Give yourself the gift of the best 90 mins of professional development I have experienced this year. Challenges your comfort zone and provides practical takeaways for immediate implementation.”

Dr Lewis Atkinson, Global Partner, Haines Centre for Strategic Management LLC
Dr Lewis Atkinson, Global Partner, Haines Centre for Strategic Management LLC

“Leanne’s 5 Carat Business Writing Brilliance workshop was just that – brilliant! It equipped our team with practical tips and techniques to improve our writing, which we immediately implemented and are already benefitting our team, clients and collaborators.”

Sarina Hobbin, Research Partnerships Manager, The University of Queensland
Dr Lewis Atkinson, Global Partner, Haines Centre for Strategic Management LLC

“We don’t know what we don’t know” especially when it comes to understanding today’s complex world of writing clearly, concisely and quickly. I highly recommend Presence Communications training as it quickly gave me clear principles and tips to improve my writing and email communication immediately. How much is your next proposal or email worth if you have a positive response? This training is essential and great value.”

Russ Wright, Managing Director, VITAL ProJeX
Dr Lewis Atkinson, Global Partner, Haines Centre for Strategic Management LLC

“True Colors is a fantastic program. It assists teams in gaining a better understanding about each other’s personalities and work styles. It really makes you stop and reflect on strengths and weaknesses. Moving forward I believe our team will overall be a stronger unit because of this program. Thank you very much to Leanne from Presence Communications for brightening up IIG’s colours.”

Alexandra Connors, Corporate Programs Coordinator, Impact Innovation Group
Dr Lewis Atkinson, Global Partner, Haines Centre for Strategic Management LLC

“Communication coaching in my line of work should be something every company invests in their sales people. In all interactions we have with people, we are communicating. To enhance message, persuade and avoid misunderstanding will be not only great for customers because they gain knowledge and skills effectively but also because it helps with business.”

Lily Feng, Healthcare Sales Representative

“It is worth having these skills as people take it for granted that what they are writing is perfect and are not really considering the outcome. These skills can make the difference when important conclusions are made.”

Pushpa Bakshi

“Leanne has a fantastic presence and an excellent communication technique. She breaks down the concepts you want to work with into easy, manageable steps and offers support during the process. She brings a vast amount of knowledge and experience in her field of excellence along with an understanding delivery style. I truly enjoy working with Leanne.”

Bek Paroz, Project Manager

“Leanne was referred to me by another startup founder who had benefitted from Leanne’s amazing talent. Through coaching, Leanne was able to help me convey my message with impact and excitement. She gently propelled me forward, so that I could achieve my goals, while also remaining true to my own personal values. The end result was exactly right. I now have so much more confidence in the way I communicate on stage, that it’s fun to prepare for!”

Alexandra Whitehead, Founder, Becon Health

“Our ability to understand how others see us is a powerful tool for self awareness, growth and challenge! Would recommend this course to all size teams looking to build cohesion, trust and performance.”

Michele Elliston, Director, State Development, Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Planning

“Leanne has taught me a range of useful and practical techniques and tips that I can use to continually improve my business writing.

A lot of my work involves providing written advice for businesses as well as writing policy and procedure documents. Clear and accurate writing is therefore very important in my work, but it’s not so easy to do! In this course, I’ve learnt a range of new techniques and tips to help me continually improve my writing skills.”

Marlissa van Heerwaarden, Management Consultant, MVHRM Systems and Training

“Leanne went above and beyond to tailor the True Colours to suit our organisation, particularly due to the challenges posed by COVID-19 and logistical issues. The delivery was professional, friendly, fun, interactive and engaging.”

Project Officer, government department

“As a manager, the True Colors workshop really helped break down the barriers in our team, and allowed people to gain a greater understanding of their colleagues work and communication preferences. It bought the team closer together and will have lasting benefits.”

Team Leader, government department

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