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Build a Better Business

Do you want to create a strong foundation and structure for the success of your business, new ideas or emerging venture?

Presence Communications is a third-party provider of the Build a Better Business program offered by TAFE Queensland Small Business Solutions, which is:

  • A practical mentoring and skills development program that helps you work through the elements that ensure your business remains viable, and that what it offers matches what customers want and how they want it.

  • An accelerated, 12-week learning program comprising interactive group workshops, one-to-one mentoring, and self-paced online activities.

  • A guide through the critical periods of business development to build the knowledge and confidence you need to clarify your ideas, communicate them effectively, and move you into the next stage of business growth.

  • An opportunity to apply what you learn to your business immediately – the tasks are all geared towards an actionable plan for your own business.

If you attend all the workshops and mentoring sessions plus submit and satisfactorily complete all assessment tasks, you will be eligible for a nationally accredited qualification from TAFE Queensland (RTO 0275). 

This Small Business Solutions program currently has a client satisfaction score of 98% and evidence that 70% of businesses undertaking the program remain profitable or provide more employment opportunities for people.

Plus, in 2024 it’s part of the fee-free TAFE initiative!

Download the course brochure.

What sets this program apart from other business mentoring options?

  • get it fee-free in 2024
  • earn a nationally recognised qualification
  • enjoy access to TAFE Queensland support services and library resources


The Build a Better Business program has no formal entry requirements; however, eligibility is determined by an interview and enrolment process through TAFE Queensland Small Business Solutions that confirms you have:

  • Sound English literacy, numeracy and computing skills so you can complete the program tasks independently within the time allocated.

  • A minimum of 12 months’ experience in owning and/or managing a business, as this is a “building” program rather than an introduction to fundamental business concepts.

  • Time management skills to fit this study into your weekly schedule.

  • A computer with up-to-date software, to ensure your progress is not delayed when trying to read files in different formats.

  • Reliable internet connectivity to access TAFE Queensland’s online learning system (Connect), Zoom, and Google files shared with your business mentor (me!).

  • Australian or New Zealand citizenship or hold an Australian permanent resident visa to be eligible for subsidised course fees (e.g. fee-free in 2024).

Time commitment

This program is designed for small business owners and managers and therefore acknowledges the time constraints of these roles.

To participate fully in the program, gain maximum benefit for your business and be eligible for the qualification, you’ll need to allocate approximately 4-5 hours per week for 12 weeks, whether you choose 1:1 delivery or a workshop cohort.

You can opt for 6 x 90-minute 1:1 sessions (just you and me) or benefit from the shared experiences of other emerging entrepreneurs in a workshop group.

The workshop program looks like this:

  • Week 1 – 1 x 3.5-hour group workshop + 2 hours of self-paced task completion
    Week 2 – 1 x 90-min 1:1 mentoring session + 3-4 hours of self-paced task completion

  • Week 3 – 1 x 2-hour group workshop + 3 hours of self-paced task completion
    Week 4 – 1 x 90-min 1:1 mentoring session + 3-4 hours of self-paced task completion

  • Week 5 – 1 x 2-hour group workshop + 3 hours of self-paced task completion
    Week 6 – 1 x 90-min 1:1 mentoring session + 3-4 hours of self-paced task completion

  • Weeks 7-9 – 4-5 hours of self-paced task completion + final assessment submission

  • Weeks 10-12 – final feedback, marking, moderation and grading (by TAFE Queensland Small Business Solutions)

This might seem like a lot of time to devote to study when you are already running a business and probably caring for a family, but it’s actually a disciplined way of “getting stuff done” for your business that is often neglected, avoided or undervalued.

  • The 3 workshops are usually held during business hours at the same day, time and place each fortnight, usually at a TAFE Queensland campus.

  • The 1:1 mentoring sessions are scheduled for mutually convenient times, can be in the early evening during the week, and are usually via Zoom.

  • The self-paced activities you do whenever and wherever suits you best.

    Course fees

    The fee options for this program are listed in the brochure. You may be eligible for fee-free TAFE in 2024.

    If you want to achieve better outcomes for your business and boost your own personal development with a nationally recognised qualification, call 0439 53 43 55 to find out more about the Build a Better Business program.

    Or, contact TAFE Queensland Small Business Solutions directly on 1300 780 368 to secure your entry interview and enrolment pack.

    Brilliant delivery of deep learning. Leanne Wyvill brought the true meaning of the title “teacher” back to life. I can adamantly say, given the demanding circumstances that occurred in my life during the course, it was Leanne’s dedication to getting everyone over the line that made my success possible… Leanne in particular has brought the love for learning back to me.
    Karen Siepen-Rogerson, Renewable Carbon Resources Australia

    Having been in business for over one-and-a-half decades, I really felt like I was winging it until I completed this course. With zero strategic plan, I had wasted a lot of resources on activities and ventures that just weren’t useful or viable. With the knowledge I have procured throughout this fast-tracked program, although it seemed like a lot of work from the outset, I’m definitely now in a much better position to scale beyond what I thought was possible!
    Loz Antonenko

    The skills learned in this program will help any entrepreneur or business owner improve operations and increase their skills and confidence. Practical and powerful course. Leanne is an amazing trainer.
    Lindsay Hunt

    If you have ever wanted to dive a little deeper into your small business, then this course is amazing. Leanne was so approachable and explained each module in easy to understand terms, which was perfect for me. I highly recommend giving it a go.
    Jane’s Handcrafts and Gifts

    Excellent and rewarding, the program boosted my confidence and organisation skills towards running a better business.
    Emma Battelley, founder of Higher Swing

    A great way to explore your business idea and understand the elements needed to make it happen.
    Hedge Yourself

    I would recommend this course to anybody in business. It will provide you with the neccessary tools to be successful in business.
    Purple Princess

    The tools I received as part of this course are an incredible asset to my business. Our course facilitator, Leanne, was wonderful and learned so much from her in our one-on-one coaching sessions… I now feel a lot more confident and that’s quite an empowering thing!
    Emily Beutel Weddings & Events