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Enabling teams to work better together

Become the most wanted leader.

Leaders deal with complex ideas and strategies that must be communicated effectively to drive goal achievement and sustain the trust and support of team members and other stakeholders.

Executives who do this well are always in high demand. That’s why LinkedIn’s Most In-Demand Skills 2024 report ranked communication skills in the top spot.

Are you up to the task? Or do you need communication coaching?

As an aspiring leader in a professional field, you might find the transition from technical jargon or academic style to communicating effectively with different audiences tougher than you thought.

Another challenge is developing the flexibility to apply the right style, tone and content for various occasions, to avoid offending readers and listeners while minimising reputational risk – your own and that of your team and the organisation.

And, when you’re in senior roles, the value of your credibility lies more in your communication capabilities than your technical competence.

Yet, you might be reluctant to join in group training for communication skills development, perhaps because you:

  • Worry that admitting you need help with a core skill could undermine your authority or credibility among peers, subordinates, and superiors.
  • Fear the vulnerability that comes with confronting skills deficits and accepting constructive criticism in a public forum.
  • Were unaware (until now, since you’re considering communication coaching) of how your communication style, habits and competence have affected your leadership credibility so far.

Can you relate?

The Trusted and Valued Communicator Program offers:

⊕  7 x 1:1 structured sessions over 7 or 14 weeks.

⊕  90 minutes of knowledge exchange and skills practice each session.

⊕  A clear process for progressing towards your communication skills development goals.

⊕  Tips + techniques you can use straight away.

⊕  Core learning content + customised activities for your needs and interests.

⊕  Complimentary access to extra resources.

Book a complimentary Communication Coaching Clarity Call to find out if this program is right for you.

It’s ideal for when you:

  • prefer a safe and confidential space to explore your particular communication problems
  • need to build communication confidence, capability and credibility
  • want to be noticed for your ability to express ideas and needs effectively
  • seek selection for more interesting projects and career promotions
  • want faster and more desirable responses to your communication efforts
  • want to make a positive difference sooner

and when your learning objectives include:

  • improving your skills for the role you have now and for future ones
  • discovering better ways to get your message read, seen and heard with confidence 
  • knowing how to express your ideas succinctly so they make sense to others
  • understanding the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of effective communication, not just ‘what’ you’re expected to do
  • avoiding ‘rookie mistakes’ and their unwanted consequences (like wasted time and embarrassment)
  • gaining the know-how to become the most in-demand, valued and trusted member of any team

because by the end of the program, you’ll be able to:

  • write documents and other messages that people want to read and respond to
  • present and pitch ideas that change your audience’s perceptions
  • collaborate with colleagues so well that you gain more than you invest
  • measure and recognise the change in your communication confidence, competence and credibility

How is this communication coaching program different?

The Trusted and Valued Communicator program is not just about business writing OR presentation skills – it covers concepts that apply to written, spoken, interpersonal and visual communication.

Each session is like an Agile sprint with:

  • Planning (thinking)
  • Execution (doing)
  • Review (showing)
  • Retrospective (learning)

Every sprint is interactive so you can learn by seeing, listening and doing.

It draws on innovation and entrepreneurial techniques like effectuation, systems thinking and human-centred design.

To complement the set content, we explore your individual needs based on 3 self-assessments:

  • Needs and interests survey
  • True Colors personality profiling
  • VAK learning style survey

The program is designed for you to achieve or exceed the benchmarks set by the following frameworks and standards for senior managers:

  • Australian Core Skills Framework (Department of Employment and Workplace Relations)
  • Australian Qualifications Framework Level 5
    Australian Skills Classification (Jobs and Skills Australia)
  • Australian Digital Capability Framework (Department of Employment and Workplace Relations)
  • European Skills, Competences, Qualifications and Occupations (European Commission)

Plus, you’ll receive:

To find out if The Trusted and Valued Communicator coaching program is right for you, book a complimentary and unconditional Communication Coaching Clarity Call.