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Energise and strengthen your writing!

Does the meaning of your message often get lost in folds of fat writing?

Is your writing sluggish… unappealing… lacking oomph and lustre?

Are you compromising credibility because your writing takes too long to get to the point, because it’s weighed down with waffly words?

Sloppy, floppy communication damages your business reputation and relationships with new and existing clients. It can also disrupt team cohesion, productivity and performance.

High performing communicators need training, commitment and practice. Trim & Tone Your Writing in 7 Easy Steps is a good start.

This intensive, very practical course comes to you as a 60-minute presentation (perfect for conference-style events), a 90-minute interactive session, or a half-day (3.5 hrs) hands-on workshop.

And it’s now available online, with 24/7 as-you-need-it access! 

  • 2 hours of on-demand, modular, self-paced video lessons
  • Worksheet and reference list
  • Mobile and tablet-friendly

Learn how to…

  • Invigorate your writing.
  • Balance tone with intention.
  • Build strength and stamina into your syntax.
  • Coordinate commas, colons and other punctuation to clarify meaning.
  • ‘Pace’ your prose.
  • Flex the flow for faster reading.


  • Why fitter writing is so favourable.
  • Ways to prime yourself for powerful writing.
  • The importance and impact of tone.
  • The difference that ‘doing words’ make.

Energise with exercises to…

  • Warm up
  • Tone up
  • De-noun & verbify
  • Specify
  • Clarify
  • Tighten
  • Tidy

To book a Trim & Tone Your Writing in 7 Easy Steps session for your team or audience, call 0439 53 43 55 or send an email request to Or start it online now.

“Leanne has taught me a range of useful and practical techniques and tips that I can use to continually improve my business writing.

A lot of my work involves providing written advice for businesses as well as writing policy and procedure documents. Clear and accurate writing is therefore very important in my work, but it’s not so easy to do! In this course, I’ve learnt a range of new techniques and tips to help me continually improve my writing skills.”

Marlissa van Heerwaarden, Management Consultant, MVHRM Systems and Training

“Give yourself the gift of the best 90 mins of professional development I have experienced this year. Challenges your comfort zone and provides practical takeaways for immediate implementation.”

Dr Lewis Atkinson, Global Partner, Haines Centre for Strategic Management LLC

“The training session was very engaging and easy to digest. I’m already using the tips I learnt in the session to write this feedback!”

Software Consultant