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Make your writing shine!

The 5-Carat Business Writing Brilliance workshop polishes existing proficiency. It encourages you to reflect on the facets of effective written communication and adopt habits that will make your writing shine.

While the workshop can be customised for your identified needs, the core program consists of four sessions of training and one of reflection, so you can learn practical techniques for effective, confident writing.

Focusing on tone, trust and time, the workshop’s sequential program promotes and practises the skills required for writing various communications.

The first three sessions prepare you for practising one or two typical writing tasks in the fourth session. This might be a one-page summary, an email, or a letter – something that relates to your usual work and we can complete in one workshop session.

Topics and techniques that are usually covered:

Sharing the Meaning of Clear, Confident Writing

  • The importance of conscious, clear, concise, consistent, and confident writing
  • What does confident, effective written communication look, sound, and feel like?
  • Understanding your own writing style, strengths, and challenges
  • Noise and negative feedback in the communication process

Planning for Writing Success

  • The time-saving power of planning and process
  • Writing with a purpose (WIIFM)
  • Writing for the reader (WIIFT)
  • How to start, structure, sequence, and signpost meaningful messages (WIRMI)
  • Persuasive proposals and pitches

Tips, Tricks & Techniques for Writing Efficiently

  • Power paragraphs
  • Tech tools and other time-savers
  • Macro and micro editing
  • Proofreading techniques for the final polish
  • Writing under pressure

Exploring the Elements of Effective Writing

  • Choosing appropriate style, tone, language, and standards
  • The sound, taste and feel of good writing
  • Elegant and economic writing styles for brief briefs and detailed documents
  • Plain English with panache
  • How punctuation and grammar clarify meaning

Sense and Sensitivity

  • Choosing the appropriate channel for different types of job-related communication
  • The good, the bad and the ugly of business writing
  • Tact and tactics for writing about escalating issues
  • Opinions and objectivity – distinguishing between facts and feelings

Fit for Purpose Formats

  • Adapting for different documents
  • Emails sent with sense and style
  • Logical letters
  • Basic briefs
  • Readable reports

To book or learn more about the 5-Carat Business Writing Brilliance workshop, call 0439 53 43 55 or send an email request to:

“Leanne’s 5 Carat Business Writing Brilliance workshop was just that – brilliant! It equipped our team with practical tips and techniques to improve our writing, which we immediately implemented and are already benefitting our team, clients and collaborators.”

Sarina Hobbin, Research Partnerships Manager, The University of Queensland