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Enabling teams to work better together

What does your team (really) need?

team needs

We are driven by five genetic needs:

survival, love and belonging, power, freedom, and fun.

– William Glasser MD (1925-2003)

According to Dr Glasser’s Choice Theory, these needs influence our thoughts, feelings, actions, and well-being.

When needs are met, so are performance goals.

What’s your team telling you about their needs? 

Team members have needs to thrive at work

1. Survival

Do you understand what it means for your people to feel

  • Safe?
  • Hydrated?
  • Nourished?
  • Sheltered?

2. Love and Belonging

Do you know what it looks like
when your people feel

  • Connected?
  • Supported?
  • Valued?
  • Purposeful?

3. Power

Do you hear the hum of a different energy when your people have

  • Resources to do their job?
  • Authority to take initiative?
  • Recognition for effort?
  • Permission to fail?


4. Freedom

Do you recognise the change in confidence when you encourage

  • Independence?
  • Autonomy?
  • Creativity?
  • Flexibility?

5. Fun

Do you experience more positivity when your people share

  • Celebrations?
  • Friendly games?
  • Artistic expression?
  • Community support activities?

If you’re not sure what your team members’ individual and common needs look, sound and feel like, let’s find out.

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