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Express Your Value and Say it Succinctly.

You know that muddled, uneasy feeling you get when you’re asked to explain what your business or service unit does and why it exists? 

And the awkwardness when the person asking looks at you blankly because they don’t understand? 

Or the frustration when stakeholders avoid dealing with you because they’re unsure if you’re going to help them or waste their time?

The Express Your Value workshop empowers teams and individuals to express value propositions effectively, on paper and in person. 

Because having a mission or a good idea isn’t enough – you need to be able to communicate its value to others clearly and concisely to influence action and outcomes.

This popular workshop offers practical techniques for understanding and expressing the value of what you do, giving you the pride and confidence to say so in a consistent, helpful and respectful way.

The Express Your Value workshop:

  • provides clarity about what you are actually offering and trying to achieve

  • improves understanding of what a value proposition is and why it is needed

  • instils confidence to tell others what you do and why

  • offers practical tips for saying succinctly and meaningfully what you do and why

  • explains why articulating value propositions is important, and why doing so clearly and briefly is best

  • connects perceptions of value to problem-solving

It will also help you:

  • avoid communication problems with stakeholders who question whether dealing with you is worth their time and effort

  • sustain happier staff who are keen to own the value proposition and are confident about sharing it

  • boost your authority and credibility because you can communicate your value clearly 

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Express your value proposition clearly