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Could your performance problem actually be a communication problem?

communication problem


When you investigate why project milestones are not being met, you might discover that what you think is a performance problem is actually a communication problem.



Here are 4 common issues that might be easily rectified by looking at the communication aspects.

#1 – Unclear Expectations

Are you communicating them in a one-size-fits-all way?

Or are you ensuring you get the message across in ways that make sense to each team member?

Your Golds, for example, like them in writing and your Greens want to know the why behind them.

#2 – Micromanagement

Do you know who on your team needs a longer leash to bring back the superior goods?

It’s likely the Orange personalities.

Your Blues will enjoy regular interaction with you but that doesn’t mean checking in on them every hour is productive for either of you.

#3 – Information Overload

Check out what this article from the True Colors International blog says about “rogue IT”.

Greens love finding new ways to solve problems and Oranges are usually early adopters of shiny new things but being chained to tech is not for everyone.

#4 – Quality of Written Communication

When you understand what matters to Golds you’ll see why they make such a fuss over grammar.

Meanwhile, your Blues sometimes need to break the rules to express a creative idea.

That’s where group business writing training can help.

If your team is struggling to meet expectations, manage information overload, and express themselves effectively, let’s talk about bringing the True Colors program to your workplace so we can identify who likes to communicate how.

Personality profiling, the research confirms, is valuable for understanding what high performance can look like for your team.

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And remember to check out the True Colors article for more ways to deal with performance problems that are actually communication problems.

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