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Enabling teams to work better together

Quick look at communication training options

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I appreciate that you want to find communication training options quickly, so here’s a summary.

This page describes who I can help and how I can.

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Value Proposition | Because Statement

Presence Communications helps teams work better together with tailored business communication training, individual coaching, and insightful True Colors workshops.

Because great ideas have no impact if you can’t communicate them effectively.

Just having intriguing ideas, practical products and savvy services isn’t enough – you need to be able to communicate their value to others clearly and concisely if they’re going to influence action.

As a communication confidence coach, I empower business people to express their ideas in ways that help them get the outcomes they want – on paper, online and in person.

Value Proposition

Who Benefits Best from My Expertise and When

If you notice these things about your employees, if you hear them mention these types of challenges, then there’s a good chance I can help.

  • Team Leaders who have a new team they want to get to know quickly because:

    • they’re the new manager/team leader
    • new team members have joined
    • an all-new project team has been formed
  • and team leaders who are trying to get people to work together better as a team because:

    • unhappy, disengaged workers and absenteeism are creating workflow problems
    • they’re falling behind on achieving team KPIs
    • dealing with complaints about colleagues and losing good people have become costly distractions

  • People & Culture Managers who want:

    • a team-building activity that’s educational as well as fun
    • their great teams to stay connected and productive
    • to avoid losing the zing from their culture
    • and who are interested in:

      • a shorthand or common code for identifying different personality types
      • an established, credentialled, evidence-based program popular with global brands like Google, KRAFT, Disney, US Navy, Adobe, and GE Insurance

    • Learning & Development Managers wanting to improve  communication confidence and capability in their organisation with training in:

      • business writing
      • public speaking, presenting and pitching
      • collaborating and networking
      • and who are interested in:

        • workshops (online and in person)
        • executive coaching for emerging and existing leaders

      • Individuals keen for executive coaching because they:

        • want to stand out for project and job opportunities
        • are keen to be the best professional they can be
        • know communication is key to their career success
        • are developing leadership skills, moving from ‘technical’ expert to ‘purpose’ expert
        • or because they:

          • struggle to achieve desired results and outcomes
          • feel like they don’t have a voice, no one is paying attention to their ideas
          • stress about important presentations or reports
          • worry stuff isn’t getting done and they don’t know why (but they suspect it’s a communication problem)

          and others who need to lift their game because they:

          • have been told they have to improve (but not shown how)
          • feel their position or role in the organisation is under threat of loss or change
          • have a new role that requires a different skill set, e.g. transition from academic to business writing

        Services | Training Options

        Here’s how I like to share what I’ve learnt to help others work better together with confident and effective communication.

        True Colors training

        True Colors Team Communication

        • Personality profiling
        • Self and social awareness
        • Empathy development
        • Teamwork and collaboration

        Find out more.

        Business Communication

        • 5-Carat Brilliant Business Writing
        • Trim & Tone Your Writing in 7 Easy Steps
        • Presenting with Purpose & Passion
        • Gift of the GAB
        • Express Your Value
        • Tailored training

        Find out more.

        Executive Coaching 1:1

        • As you need it
        • The Trusted and Valued Communicator structured program with core learning content + customised activities for individual needs and interests

        Find out more.

        Thinking about smart communication

        Build a Better Business

        • Cert IV in Entrepreneurship and New Business (contracted by TAFE Queensland RTO 0275)
        • Business acumen
        • Workshops and/or 1:1 delivery

        Find out more.

        Training and Assessment Design Services

        • Review, validation, marking and moderation of accredited courses
        • Content creation
        • Competency mapping

        Find out more.