RAW – real stories from nine resilient women


RAW explores the trials of nine everyday women who chose to carry on after traumatic, life-changing events.

Each chapter reveals their raw emotion and struggle to get back up and get on with life. Which they did.

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RAW – real stories from nine resilient women reveals what it takes to get back up after traumatic life-changing events knock us down.

The world doesn’t owe us perfection and nor does it owe us eternal youth. That’s just not how it works.

Here are a few other things the world doesn’t owe us…

Shame, Guilt, Ridicule, Poverty, Horror, Impotence, Violence, Fear. Nonetheless, it seems we get an (un?)healthy dose of those sometimes too. Mostly, it’s not a case of if… it’s when. And while you can surround yourself with positive and like-minded people to help you through, when all is said and done, it’s those lonely hours between 2 am and 4 am when we often find ourselves facing our demons.

This book is not some panacea that will take all your ills away. Life isn’t like that. At best, it might be one step on your personal journey and it may help you deal with some of those things the world doesn’t owe you. Better still, it may help you avoid them. Or, maybe you’ll find your own meaning…

Need a new perspective? RAW may help set you on a happier path.

Co-authored by Leanne Wyvill and eight other resilient women; published by Business in Heels.

Here’s a sneak peek at an excerpt from Leanne’s chapter:

I’ve survived many setbacks in my life, both personal and professional, but it was a career redundancy just shy of my 50th birthday that made me realise how resilient I had become.

It’s when I started to fully appreciate the value of vulnerability, of allowing myself to be open to the compassion and wisdom of others, which is often given to us as a kind thought here or an insightful comment there – because resilience is a renewable energy that requires replenishment when the reserve is running low.

That’s the first truth.

Listening and reflecting, looking outward when I really want to just close my eyes and shut out a churning sense of loss – that isn’t an ability I inexplicably woke up with one day. Resilience is not a standard item we can order online or pick up at the supermarket. It doesn’t come in a jar or even in a book like this one.

Resilience develops over time because of the horrible things that happen to us, and because of the action we take, many times over, to reach out and get back in the game. Our responses raise our resilience quotient a little every time.

That’s the second truth.

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