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Are you a keeper?

When I played netball, I always assumed the coach didn’t ask me to play Centre because I didn’t have that crazy fitness to run the whole court and my long limbs were put to better use obstructing the other team’s goal attempts.


Maybe my best coaches knew my strengths better than I did.


Being in the thick of the action is not always the best place to play

When I played Keeper or Shooter I hated being confined by that solid white line of the goal third. Yet, when given another third to play in I often struggled to get back in the goal circle when the direction of play changed unexpectedly.

It probably wasn’t about fitness, I realise now.

It was more likely my propensity to try to help my team then and there, where I was in the moment, instead of focusing on getting to where I could be the most valuable quickly and letting the other players do their job.

And maybe, too, the critical seconds my head would (unintentionally) waste admiring the skills at play when my body should have been hurtling towards the goal circle.

Being where your true talents can shine is a better way to play

There, at the top of the court, I could actually see the state of play better. I could shout moves and encouragement – another reason for positioning me with the advantage of distance.

I was never the most adept, agile or aggressive netball player but I was often the chosen captain.

Do you know the strengths of each person on your team, and what jobs to give them to bring out their individual best for the team’s benefit?

Do they recognise these strengths themselves and the value they contribute?

Sometimes we need a little help with the discovery as the coach, the captain, and the player.

Imagine how the game might change and the talent you could keep!

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