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How do you know your Blue people are stressed?

Blue stressors True Colors

What are your team members’ stressors at work? Do you know the difference between ‘just an off day’ signs and ‘stuff is really overwhelming me’ SOS (signs of stress) flags?

We all express stress differently – for some it’s in their tone, for others, it’s in their behaviour. If your work culture doesn’t tolerate open admissions of stress, you need to be aware of the subtle signals from your colleagues so you can support them rather than add to their overwhelm.

April is #stressawarenessmonth. Make it your goal to be more stress aware, to spot the differences and respond in ways that really support them, not just how you like to be supported when stressed.

Identifying stressors in a safe setting is at the core of a True Colors team workshop.

When Blue personalities are stressed, their behaviour can seem:

  • lethargic
  • passively resistant
  • attention-seeking

Visit to book a workshop to discover who the Blue personalities are in your team.

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