To the Future!

23 September 2013

You don’t need a crystal ball to gaze in wonder at the future – just Google it!

Who would have thought ten years ago such a phrase would become a cliché of the vernacular?

Even without our Google glasses, what we will see in the future is actually closer than we realise – scientists at The University of Queensland recently achieved quantum teleportation with solid-state systems for the first time, “a process by which quantum information can be transmitted from one place to another without sending a physical carrier of information …[it]  just appears at the destination.”

The impact of this kind of work is expected to produce breakthroughs in science, engineering, and medicine


I used to coordinate an annual innovative and entrepreneurial ideas competition at five research-focused Australian universities, and over those five years I learnt about some truly trailblazing ideas for solving global problems, big and small.

The scary stuff like driver-less cars (by 2020) and 3D printers that make functioning rifles (already) is quickly forgotten when you contemplate the power of good that will come from high-yielding crops to feed the world’s hungry; personalised cancer therapies; and sustainable, renewable biofuels generated by waste and the sun.

If you want to know what’s just around the corner but don’t have the time or breath to take it all in, Tony Ryan has captured in a short presentation some key innovations that will have enormous impact on everything from manufacturing and disease control to stock market predictions and the performing arts. Download it here. He also collects them on this site:

To the 21st century troglodytes, Tony says “Wake up!” and “Get over it!” I say: let’s get on with it.

To the Future!

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