Game changing tactics at breakfast briefing

Team performance game changers
13 March 2014

Presence was proud to organise and co-host an exclusive breakfast briefing this week for managers and leaders keen to learn new team optimisation strategies.

Representatives from state and federal government departments, private enterprise, tertiary education and community organisations attended the event, held at the Christie Conference Centre in Brisbane’s CBD.

Presence shared the stage with OD Consulting and The Real Learning Experience, to impart ideas about trust, communication and intercultural intelligence, and how these factors contribute to team productivity and performance.

Presenting on the topic of “Death by Email”, Presence Corporate Director and Lead Trainer Leanne Wyvill recommended that teams adopt agreed protocols for effective email communication.

“When teams commit to common ‘rules of engagement,’ email interactions are less stressful and free up time to focus on achieving goals and adding value to client services and the company,” Ms Wyvill said.

“For example, a purpose that’s clearly stated in the subject line will boost your chances of getting a timely response, because the reader will understand quickly how important the message is to you and to them.

“Emails need to have a clear context and congruent verbal and non-verbal clues. That’s why using capital letters is considered SHOUTING.”

Ms Wyvill also recommended sharing individual preferences before annoying habits begin to impact on relationships within the team.

“Think about how often you’ve been asked, ‘How do you like your coffee?’ compared to how often you’ve been asked,”How do you like your emails?’.

“How will your team know that you prefer to check and respond to emails just twice a day if you don’t say so?

“You won’t get cranky about the volume of follow-up emails mounting up throughout the day from the team and they won’t expect an immediate response if these kinds of preferences are made clear.”

The “Death By Email” presentation also covered size limits, tone, and alternatives to all-staff broadcast emails which attracted ongoing but often irrelevant reply-all ‘conversations’.

Korrine Jones from OD Consulting presented on the importance of building real trust for virtual, dispersed and remote teams.

James Aldterton from The Real Learning Experience shared his insights on the cultural gaps that often impact on trust within multicultural teams.

For more information about effective email communication training with Presence, contact Leanne Wyvill on 1300 504 278.