Effective Emails

How to write emails your customers will want to read and respond to

With email now representing 98% of all business communication, this interactive session describes the elements of effective email writing, responding and management – helping businesses learn to live with it rather than suffering ‘death by email’.

Business owners and managers participating in this workshop will gain:

  • Greater awareness of why effective email communication is important to business and brand reputations
  • Tips on good style and the traps to avoid
  • Strategies for managing the impact of email on productivity and reclaiming over 250 hours a year
Workshop details:
Friday 6 June 2014 7.30 – 8.45 am 1 Turley Street Ipswich


Registrations will be confirmed upon payment via:

  • EFT to Acc name BEC Ipswich Region. BSB# 633 000. Acc # 139 647 309. Ref: Tell Better
  • Cheque to BECIR, PO Box 620, Ipswich Qld 4305.

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