Writing with Confidence and Clarity Workshops

iStock_000024086772man at computer - CopyNo clear structure or call to action… confusing commas… jargon-laden gobbledy-gook… emoticons and social media-speak… seriously?!

Rewriting a letter, report or proposal because the communication skills of the person who wrote it just aren’t professional enough is frustrating, time-vaporising, and a significant generator of employee-manager tension.

Even university graduates who are technically very capable can lack the ability to communicate effectively in business situations.

Poor communication damages your business reputation and relationships with new and existing clients. It can also disrupt team cohesion, productivity and performance.

Writing with confidence and clarity can be learnt.

Invest in this one-day interactive learning opportunity if you want to impart important information clearly, concisely and courteously to clients – with confidence.

Ipswich workshop – Wednesday 13 May 2015
Brisbane workshop – Friday 15 May 2015

This workshop is for people who need to communicate in a professional context, especially:

  • Project managers
  • People managers
  • Team leaders
  • Technical graduates
  • Business development managers
  • Executive assistants and officers
  • Contract administrators
  • Administration support staff

The workshop starts at 9.00 am and finishes at 4.30 pm (registration from 8.30 am).

For $429.00 per person (including GST) you’ll not only receive:

  • expert training
  • small group, interactive learning
  • worksheets and take-home resources
  • lunch + morning and afternoon tea

but also (and more importantly) you’ll gain confidence, credibility and competence from knowing:

  • what’s required for meaning to be shared effectively between writer and reader
  • how writing style and skill can impact on professional reputation and relationships
  • which communication channels are best for different situations
  • how to structure written messages for reading ease
  • the value of adopting appropriate style, tone and language choices
  • practical writing, editing and proofreading techniques
  • how to achieve desirable outcomes and responses from written communication

Learn how to write clearly, concisely and courteously – your professional reputation and prospects depend on it!

Select the workshop you want register for:

Ipswich – Wednesday 13 May 2015

Brisbane – Friday 15 May 2015

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