What’s in a name (tag)?

name badge no text6 January 2014

If the purpose of asking guests to wear name tags at your event is to help them identify and learn a little about each other very quickly, so it’s easier to start up a conversation, then here are some practical tag tips:

  • Use a bold sans serif or semi-serif font in dark ink – at least 14 pt or 5mm high for the name – on a light background.
  • Include the guest’s company or organisation under the name in the same font but slightly smaller (optional bold).
  • Salutation titles are OK – just make sure every guest has one AND the right one. Otherwise, it might appear that you want some guests feel more special than others by including their professorial or doctorial titles.
  • Include post-nominal honours like AM, AC, OAM, etc. to show respect and acknowledge such achievement.

That’s really all you need for that purpose. When you include the guest’s position, you take away the opportunity for one person to ask the other, “What’s your role with XYZ Corporation?”. However, some people believe it is a necessary inclusion.

If the purpose of asking guests to wear nametags at your event is to keep the focus on your brand:

  • Add a huge company logo and leave little room for the guest’s name
  • Use small or fancy typeface that can’t be read from a metre away
  • Don’t complain when nobody wants to attend your next event

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