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freedigitalID-100134842-meeting16 December 2013

They’re called virtual teams but the work they do is real and productive. Like other teams, they have communication and management hiccups from time to time; but when the team members are scattered around the planet, based interstate or working from home in the next suburb, team leaders have to tune in to a different frequency to keep the communication channels open.

Information and communication technology has enabled the growth of virtual teams and helped employees wanting more flexible working arrangements achieve better work-life balance. The economic argument for virtual teams is very appealing to employers looking to keep overheads down and good employees on the payroll.

Organisational development expert, Korrine Jones, says virtual teams usually ‘meet’ via teleconferencing, videoconferencing and webinars, but these can pose particular challenges.

Here are Korrine’s top 10 tips (and a bonus one!) for ensuring virtual team meetings are successful:

  1. Keep the technology simple
  2. Develop meeting protocols and ground rules
  3. Find the best meeting time
  4. Make sure everyone has a copy of the agenda and has had an opportunity to add items
  5. Agree on food and beverages
  6. Start with a check-in/roll call and some informal discussion
  7. Chair the meeting explicitly to keep everyone involved
  8. Be precise
  9. Summarise, summarise, summarise
  10. Circulate minutes quickly

If you’d like to read the full article, visit the OD Consulting blog.

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