Writing with Confidence and Clarity Workshops

Image courtesy of stockimages at FreeDigitalPhotos.netRegistrations are now open for one-day interactive business writing workshops in Ipswich and Brisbane (Queensland).

Invest in this one-day interactive learning opportunity if you want to impart important information clearly, concisely and courteously to clients – with confidence.

This workshop is for people who need to communicate in a professional context, especially:

  • Project managers
  • People managers
  • Team leaders
  • Technical graduates
  • Business development managers
  • Executive assistants and officers
  • Contract administrators
  • Administration support staff

You’ll gain confidence, credibility and competence from knowing:

  • what’s required for meaning to be shared effectively between writer and reader
  • how writing style and skill can impact on professional reputation and relationships
  • which communication channels are best for different situations
  • how to structure written messages for reading ease
  • the value of adopting appropriate style, tone and language choices
  • practical writing, editing and proofreading techniques
  • how to achieve desirable outcomes and responses from written communication

Learn how to write clearly, concisely and courteously – your professional reputation and prospects depend on it!

Select the workshop you want register for:

Ipswich – Wednesday 13 May 2015

Brisbane – Friday 15 May 2015